Frequently asked questions

Treats MUST be Refrigerated

All treats are made with no preservatives and are not dehydrated so they must be kept refrigerated/cold to preserve the shelf life of the treats. * Depending on your furbabies taste, you may want to bring the refrigerated treats to room temperature before serving, Or if your furbaby loves ice cubes, they may enjoy the treats straight from the refrigerator or even frozen.

Is there an Dehydration Option?

Yes! We have custom dehydrated treats available, You must request dehydrated treats when placing your order.

Can I freeze Organic treats?

Yes! All treats can be frozen to extend the shelf life. * Place treats into a zip-top freezer bag or a freezer-safe plastic container* (Optional) Place wax paper between layers of treats so they do not stick together once frozen.

Custom/Special Order Treats

Yes! Custom/Special orders. We offer custom dog, cat and horse treats, we are always happy to create something unique for your furbabies

Shipped Treats

Our treats are shipped vacuum packed in would need to be refrigerated within 72 hours after shipped date. Orders are normally shipped at the two day priority mail cost. We have an option for overnight shipping for an additional cost.

Storing Preservatives-free Treats

Our organic treats does not contain "NO" preservaties the freshness edible shelf life stored properly is apporoximately two and a half weeks in the refrigerator. For best shelf life results keep treats in a air-tight freezer food safe container of bag.